My father, Dr. Santosh Saha, is a professor of history, and as he moved around the world for his job, so did my sister, mom, and myself.

I came to the US for undergraduate studies in Electrical Engineering and paid my way thru school by working odd jobs. I then went on to do my MBA.

Curiosity has always been a defining character of mine. When I worked in the library, I would pause and read books, and that reading habit has continued to this day. When I worked as a delivery boy for computer hardware, I took my own time to observe and learn how the other team members built and installed computers. I learned to work on cars by observing mechanics.

As I moved through my first two jobs, I felt the need to continue to learn, applied to several schools, and got into Kellogg's Management Institute program (KMI). It was a life-changing event.

The Kellogg education earned me a position at GE, where within the first 18 mo I was rated Top Talent, GE's highest performance rating category. I left GE on my own because they required me to move but I chose not to for family reasons.

Subsequently, I worked at Ametek in Cleveland in various positions, then took on a PE CEO role, and in 2017, took on another CEO role, relocating to Dallas, where I now live.


With my daughters


On a Caribbean cruise with parents and sisters family


Teambuilding with Staffs' families