Board Positions 

Mustang Extreme (Since May 2020) - Board Member (PE backed)

ME is in the Environmental Services and Composite matting spaces

Worldwide Electric (Since March 2020) - Executive Chairman (PE backed)

WWE is a manufacturer and distributor of electric motors

YagnaiQ (Since 2019) - Advisor

Yagna is a SaaS sales acceleration platform. Yagna utilizes multi-vendor historical sales transactions data, namely Installed Base Data (IB) and churns new Up-sell / Cross-sell opportunities with the help of its analytics and machine learning capabilities.

Signature Systems (2017 - October 2020) - Board of Directors

CEO and Board Member. Grew revenue 1.5x, EBITDA 7x. Sold company for 5x MOIC. Continuing to drive growth with new investors.

Horsburgh & Scott (2014 - 2017) - Board of Directors

CEO and Board Member, drove a turnaround

North Texas Food Bank (Non-profit; Advisory Board) (2019 - Present)

NTFB distributes donated, purchased and prepared foods through a network of nearly 1,000 feeding programs and 262 Partner Agencies in 13 North Texas counties.

 Board Advisory Areas 

  • M&A

    • Valuation​

    • Growth strategy

    • Leadership Assessment

    • Technology Assessment

  • Strategy:

    • Five forces; Competitive assessment

    • Growth options

  • Sales and Marketing

    • Channel assessment (Reps vs. Direct vs. Dist),
      Sales training

    • Pricing strategies

    • Branding

    • CRM systems

  • Financial oversight

    • Deep understanding of financial statements

    • Techniques to expose hidden costs

  • Financial oversight

    • Deep understanding of financial statements

    • Techniques to identify project ROI, expose
      hidden costs

  • Technology assessment

    • New product development process

    • Technology Assessment

  • Operational excellence

    • Net Labor Efficiency, Overall Operational
      Effectiveness, Total Effective Equipment

    • Takt time, queue time reduction

    • Quality systems

  • Leadership Development

    • Entry and mid-level manager training

    • Senior Leadership development