Improving Myself Through Continuous Learning 

Daily reading/podcast routine:

  • Wall Street Journal – US, European, and Asian editions online

  • Google News - World, Technology, Business, Health, Sports

  • BBC News

  • Bloomberg’s


Weekly reading/podcast routine:

  • The Economist

  • Depending on events, additional internet sources

  • Select Harvard Business Review articles

  • … plus books on leadership, strategy, technology

Some of my favorite books:

  • Jim Collins, "Good to Great"

  • Peter Drucker, "The Essential Drucker"

  • Michael Porter, "Competitive Strategy"; "Competitive Advantage"

  • Geoffrey More, "Crossing the Chasm"

  • C.K. Prahalad, "Core Competence"

  • Jack Welch, "Straight from the Gut"

  • Andy Grove, "Only the Paranoid Survive"

  • Alfred Sloan, "My Years With GM"

  • Lou Gerstner, "Who Says Elephants Can’t Dance"

  • Akio Morita, "Made in Japan (Sony)"

  • "Sumantra Ghoshal on Management"

Northwestern University Kellogg School
of Management Kellogg Management
Institute - Executive Ed (2003-2004)

Nine-month program for senior-level

  • Examine the essential concepts and the
    latest thinking for approaching
    functional areas of accounting, finance,
    marketing, operations, and information


  • Gain a foundation in strategic business

  • Enhance skills in the critical areas of leading and managing people

  • Explore the sociopolitical and economic environments that shape strategies and performance in today's global business environment

Finance for Executives, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University


GE Advanced Leadership Program, Crotonville, NY
Crotonville is GE's famed corporate university that hones its leaders

Transformative curriculum included:

  • Comprehensive P&L Management

  • Leadership

  • Business Simulation

  • Exposure to GE’s Top Leadership


Center for Creative Leadership (North Carolina)

  • CCL is Ranked #3 worldwide for Executive Education

  • Leadership Development


MBA (Info Systems) – University of Toledo


BS Electrical Engineering – University of Toledo


Various courses in Financial Management, Marketing, Product Management, etc.