Engineering Leadership and Innovation 

I have led several Engineering teams and innovation projects over the last 20 years.

Experience in the following technologies:

  • Mechanical power transmission (gears, motors)

  • Semiconductors, electronics, and power electronics

  • Photonics and flat panel display technology

  • Nuclear detection (gamma and neutron)

  • Data communication

  • Embed​ed firmware and applications software, incl basics of Cloud SaaS


At Ametek

  • VP of Global Engineering for a Motors Division

  • Total group of 40 in Shanghai (China), Milan (Italy), Kent (Ohio), and Sao Paolo (Brazil)

  • Development of over 20 new motor designs in 3 years; Prototype and launch; Patents granted on some to my teams


Established New R&D Center

  • The CEO of Ametek, Frank Hermance, asked me to join a core team to establish an R&D center in Bangalore, India. This was to be a core team representing all key Divisions of Ametek for electrical, mechanical, simulation and software development, focusing on both advanced engineering and developing common platforms where possible.

  • My role:

    • Hire an India Country Manager who picked a facility

    • Work with the US, European, and Asian Divisional General Managers to define their needs and develop job requirement

    • Assist the India team to screen and select personnel

    • Assist the new hires to ramp up through collaboration with their global counterparts

    • Continued oversight and development

  • By the time I left Ametek, we had 82 degreed engineers, a large prototype facility, a training center

  • Turnover was <1.5% (exceptional by Bangalore standards) and result of strong leadership



  • Led a cross-functional team for the development of nuclear sensors:

    • GE Medical systems: gamma-ray detection

    • GE Energy: gamma and neutron detection

    • GE Security; Software simulation


At Keithley Instruments

  • Let a team that designed a break-through product for test and measurement. See document for a full description.


At Quatech

  • Development of award-winning ethernet to serial converter switch system

    • Embedded software

    • Terminal server GUI

  • 70% growth in 2 years from twelve new products; 20% profit increase in legacy products

  • Reduced product development cycle-time 30% through better project management


At Photonics Systems

  • Photonics was the world pioneered in plasma flat panel displays

  • Designed touch entry systems for large plasma displays

  • Led mechanical and electrical CAD teams

New Product Development Updates

This is a template of how I monitor NPI programs

  • Schedule

  • Costs

  • Launch

  • Risks

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