Countries Where I have Done Business 

  • China

    • Managed factory in Shanghai

    • Engineering and sales team
      around China

    • Suppliers in Central, Eastern,
      and Southern

    • Customers in multiple

    • Attended numerous trade

  • Taiwan:

    • Customers for electronics
      and displays

    • Suppliers

    • Attended numerous trade shows

  • Korea

    • Customers for electronics and displays including Hyundai, LG, Samsung

    • Attended numerous trade shows

  • Japan

    • Customers for electronics and displays including Sharp and Sony

    • Attended numerous trade shows

  • Europe

    • All over Eastern and Western Europe

    • Factories, engineering, and sales teams in Czech Republic, Italy, UK, Germany

    • Attended numerous trade shows

  • North America

    • US, Canada, Mexico

    • Lead P&L's, engineering, sales, service centers and manufacturing operations

    • Suppliers all around Mexico

  • Brazil

    • Managed a factory

    • Sales to OEMs

  • India

    • Sales

  • Middle East​

    • Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar​

  • Africa

    • Born and raised in Africa and have remotely done business in various parts of the continent