Growth Through Strategic Intent 

When GE was assessing how to tilt more toward organic growth, I was part of a core group that developed the CECOR methodology (Calibrate, Explore, Create, Organize, Realize). The tools were rolled out across GE and had measurable impact.

Later, while at another conglomerate, I worked with the CEO to map out white spaces for M&A.

Select tools applicable to lower middle market PE - to maximize EBITDA growth and multiple growth

​Industry Structure

  • To capture basic snapshot of industry

  • To identify paradigm shifts and external trends

Competitive Position

  • Understand differentiating qualities of competitor portfolios

  • Predict competitor moves and market positions

Strategy team.png

Leading the Signature Systems team thru a Strategy planning session

​How Do I Win

  • Focuses on where to invest (and divest) resources

  • Starts with defining full potential of core business and identifying ways to achieve it

  • Then look to adjacencies to expand beyond the core

​Customer value

  • Identifying customer needs and their implications for the business

  • Prioritizing customer requirements and competitive markets

​Business Capabilities

  • To identify a company’s core competencies and gaps

  • To understand a company’s competitive advantage and sustainability

Seven Degrees of Freedom

  • Axes of growth

​Competitive Analysis SWOT

  • A spreadsheet tool to analyze Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

​Where To Compete

  • Know the key questions to answer when defining a core market and business

  • Understand the tools and business judgment required to define the core

​Benefits Ladder

  • Linking Attributes and Benefits to Customer Values

​Porter's Five Forces

  • A comprehensive spreadsheet with graphics to do Porter's Five Forces analysis

​Creating New Spaces

  • When the market in which you compete gets overcrowded, innovating is the only way to break free from the pack