Experience in Industrials and Technology 



  • Hydraulics and Material Handling

    • Motors and controls for liftgates, scissor lifts, forklifts, truck beds, and other such heavy duty platforms

    • Global customer base of Tier I and Tier II suppliers including Haldex, Bucher Hydraulics, SPX, Mocen, etc

  • Plastics

    • Large format (up to 8 ft x 14") compression / injection molded parts

  • Power Transmission (motors, gears, bearings)

    • Series wound, shunt, solid pole, etc

    • Design and sales worldwide

  • Semiconductors (analog and digital)

    • Power supplies

    • Control electronics

    • Embedded technology

    • Many customers over last 20 years from labs (e.g. Bell Labs) to production equipment to defense electronics (rad-hard)

  • Medical Devices

    • Interconnecting cable technology for medical instrumentation (as part of TSE Acquisition)

    • Gamma-ray scanners (SPECT, SPECT-CT) as part of joint GE Energy - GE Medical systems collaboration on nuclear technology

  • Data Communication

    • WiFi, Serial

    • Routers

    • Key customers: General industrial users

  • Flat Panel Displays

    • LCD and Plasma, in the 1990 to 2001 timeframe - the advent of flat panel displays

    • Key customers: Samsung, Hyundai, Sony

    • Department of Defence, Joint Chiefs of Staff, UK MOD

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  • Energy Infrastructure

    • Oil and Gas upstream, mid-stream​

    • Transmission and Distribution

  • Civil Infrastructure

    • Highway, commercial, and residential construction​

  • Scientific Instruments

    • For lab use and capital equipment for production use

    • Led innovative designs; Grew business significantly

    • Key Customers: Intel, IBM, Siemens, Hyundai, LG, Motorola, TI, Philips

  • Industrial and Consumer Appliances

    • Vacuum cleaners, blenders, electric saws, shop vacs

    • Key customers: Hoover, Bissell, Vitamix, Metabo

  • Mining

    • Key customers: Rio Tinto, Vale, IOC, Metso, FL Schmidt and many others

    • Metals, Coal, Iron Ore, Potash, etc

    • For sale of services and capital equipment

    • Contacts from senior leadership to buyers

  • Steel & Aluminum

    • Key customers: ArcelorMittal, US Steel, Nucor, Alcoa, Reynolds Aluminum, and many others

    • For sale of services and capital equipment

    • Contacts from senior leadership to buyers

  • Sugar

    • Cane and beet

    • Mexico and US mills

  • Oil and Gas

    • Down-hole oil and gas gamma detection technology

    • Frac drilling equipment

    • Key customers: Baker Hughes, Schlumberger, Cameron, and many OEMs

  • Homeland Security

    • While at GE, projects with US Department of Homeland Security, US Congress, UK MOD; National Labs such as Los Alamos, Sandia, Oak Ridge, LLNL; as well as key government contractors

    • Detection of nuclear material

  • Nuclear Energy: As part of above experience in oil and gas gamma detection and part of Homeland Security

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