At the core of all my success has been building a culture of high engagement and high performance.

I truly believe in Peter Drucker's philosophy of:

"Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast"

Creating a high-performance culture has several aspects:

1.  Build trust: Stephen Covey 's book "Speed of Trust" lays out a framework to build trust amongst        teams.

2.  Implement an effective performance management process: Merit-based, transparent                         use SMART goals

3.  Communicate: Have lots of communication - open dialogue at all levels

4.  Enhance training and individual development

5.  Mission and values alignment: Emphasize the importance of every leader practicing them.

My management style is one of high engagement. As an example, in my recent CEO roles, I've reached out regularly to each and every one of the approximately 200 employees. I hand sign a birthday card for every employee, ensure flowers are sent on special occasions, and call them (especially during COVID times) one on one, periodically. I spend time on the factory floor in steel toes and jeans, attend recognition dinners and when noteworthy performance occurs, I send handwritten notes. Every employee knows they can reach out to me directly.