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Robert Sinuc

Board Member (Retired), Horsburgh & Scott and former GE Executive

I have known Pradeep Saha for the last two+ years while I was serving on the Board of Directors of Horsburgh and Scott. I first met him when he was hired as VP of Sales and Marketing. I was impressed with his experience and approach to understanding the market and the current dynamics. The market situation was changing quickly with the collapse of the steel and mining business which was key markets for H&S. I thought he did an outstanding and clear job of presenting the current situation as well a plan to change from a distributor based sales organization to a direct sales person approach to get closer to the customer. We were also trying to enter other markets of wind gearboxes and flow business for EMD, drives for Mining Trucks (Belarg), catalog gear boxes. Soon after he joined, the current CEO left and Pradeep was chosen to replace him. In this position I was impressed with how quickly he demonstrated a detailed understanding of the financial reports of the company and financial performance was deteriorating. In a large part this was due to a poor CFO who did not establish appropriate controls which led to a misrepresenting of the ongoing company performance and what needed to be done going forward. This led us to be in violation of the covenants and a major issue with the Banks. Pradeep did an excellent job leading the company and the investment company GenX360 to restructure.

Another observed strength of Pradeep’s is his incredibility strong work ethic and dedication to the company. I have seen him travel beyond reasonable for a CEO to customers worldwide to try and win ordered and resolve customers issues that would typically be left to a salesman or sales manager. His personal touch with customers has resulted in success that would not have been possible with a person lower level in the organization. He also maintain a good awareness of what is going on with our competitors as this is a fairly tight group of competitors and this information is critical to successful bidding from both price and delivery.

I have found Pradeep to be very open to suggestions from a diverse group of advisors as the bank andGenX360 brought in additional personnel. During this period, the CEO, 3 CFOs, two VPs Manufacturing, VP Engineering and a number of experienced people were replaced as well as the Chairman of the BOD. I think Pradeep did an excellent join negotiating these changes while trying to lead and improve the company. I found him to be a pleasure to work with and would chose to work with or for him again given the opportunity.

Gabriel Rosica

Board Member, Keithley Instruments

Independent Venture Capital & Private Equity Professional

Pradeep played a key marketing role for Keithley’s Semiconductor Test Equipment business. He demonstrated an excellent ability to balance strategic thinking with operational execution. He would think outside the box but formulate his recommendations so that they were operationally doable. In addition he had a good sense of how to work with executive management to get things approved.

Pradeep was excellent with customers and a positive motivational leader of internal teams addressing a particular project, whether this was a strategic sales effort or a new product development. It was clear that his abilities would take him well beyond the positions he held at Keithley.

Ray Stoller

Board Member and President at Photonics Systems

When Pradeep and I were together at Photonics Systems, Inc., Pradeep was involved with data base engineering, application software and product configuration management. He was also contributing to operations management. I was primarily involved with corporate management, intellectual property development, contracts/marketing and co-directing R&D operations. Our paths crossed nearly every day, and I found Pradeep to always be positive, enthusiastic and very much “can do”. He appeared to be well educated and informed on top of being practical and inherently intelligent. I believe that he performed his duties well and always felt that he was an asset to the company. Pradeep left the company on his own volition.

Gerald Cowden

Attorney with whom I have worked on M&A

Rarely do I author a public recommendation. My belief has always been that recommendations of any kind should be safeguarded as closely as your integrity itself. After all, vouching for someone says as much about you as it does about the other person.


Pradeep is one of very few people I would recommend without hesitation. I’ve spent more than a decade of my career as a lawyer watching, studying, listening to, and following Pradeep as he developed in to an exceptional CEO and executive officer. He’s a fearless leader who faces the most challenging circumstances head on.  A review of his bio will provide the history and critical path he has chosen to develop the skills necessary to lead an organization through the ups and downs that any business faces.


Based on my experience, Pradeep would be my first pick to be the CEO of a company in any phase of its growth from startup, to funding, to market development, to sales, profitability and beyond.


He is patient, disciplined, compassionate, dedicated and has always maintained impeccable integrity. He would be a great leader for any company, whether as an executive officer or a board member.

John Pesec

President at Avtron Aerospace

I have known Pradeep Saha for much of my career. We met at Keithley Instruments where I ran Asia sales and he was a product marketing manager. Since that time, we have stayed in touch and learned a lot from each other’s business experiences.

I have always been impressed by Pradeep’s business focus and the energy he puts into his work. He relentlessly pursues his objectives with unmatched drive and enthusiasm. Yet no matter what pressure Pradeep is under, he exhibits positive spirit and a ready laugh.

He is a great networker and uses his network to generate ideas and innovation. By accumulating these ideas over time, Pradeep has developed a knowledge base and skill set that make him a particularly effective leader.

I highly recommend Pradeep for any position in leadership.

Eric Chaussin

General Manager, Ametek Motors Europe

Pradeep was the VP Marketing and Engineering, in that role Pradeep was capable to drive key initiatives to grow the business, with real practical approach and more important, capable to understand local market and local culture. He was clearly the technology leader and recognized by his peer for his competencies, skills, leadership, results driven and good human approach. I enjoyed each every second working with him.


Kevin Coleman

Vice President, Investor Relations at AMETEK

I had the pleasure of working with Pradeep during his career at AMETEK. Pradeep is a highly motivated executive with a broad set of practical experiences across sales, marketing, engineering, operations, strategy and business development functions. This breadth of experiences provides Pradeep with a unique ability to successfully balance short-term execution with longer term market and strategy development. Pradeep’s continual drive to succeed combined with his intellect and hands-on work experiences make him a valuable asset for any company.

David Egbert

VP Finance at Ametek

Pradeep is a high energy individual who operates at both a strategic level and at an operational level. He is very strong in operations, sales and engineering. He understand what is required of a business to produce short term results as well as position the business for long term growth. I was a peer of Pradeep as the VP of Finance for the FSM Division of Ametek. I would highly receommend Pradeep for a senior position within any company.

Meng Kee Lim

Vice President, Asia, Ametek

Pradeep was managing the Engineering Div of the Floorcare & Specialty Division globally. He was responsible for coordinating the global effort to reduce cost while improving product efficiency. This was a very difficult task due to the global locations and design differences. He did this very well in a very difficult business.


Lucas Clarke

VP of Engineering - Americas and Asia at Flex

I worked with Pradeep at GE Energy. Pradeep was tasked with defining and developing the homeland security radiation detection market segment for our business. As the technology leader working side-by-side with him, I found Pradeep to be very analytical in his approach. One of his key strengths however, is his ability to use the data and model that he develops and to apply it to a long-term, strategic view. He has demonstrated an ability to work in a variety of markets and businesses and to always succeed.

Anthony Colucci

Sr Manager, Advanced Programs at Lockheed Martin

Pradeep has the abilty to understand business problems and needs and then utilize technology and innovation to find solutions. He has the ability to present difficult technical issues in a simple manner being useful in selling important concepts and business propositions. A great team player and drives to succeed.


Nate Ellison

Vice President of HR, Ametek

Pradeep is an extremely intelligent and strategic leader. I always found him to be a step or two ahead of the game.

He and I worked closely together in matters of organizational development talent management and strategic planning. He is thorough and leaves nothing to question.

Jackie Boesinger

Director of Sales, GE Energy

Pradeep is a gifted market strategist bringing creativity and high energy to his role and the team he works with. He has the ability to challenge the status quo and drive the organization to achieve its targeted growth and reach out into new areas. He can quickly shift to executive level sales in support of closing a critical deal as he understands what is important to customers as he listens to both the spoken and often unspoken requirements. On a personal note, he values his coworkers beyond just "work" and is extraordinarily ethical. He maintains a strong and diverse network and is generously willing to help and provide advice.

Garrick Joseph

Product Line Manager, GE Energy

Insightful and enthusiastic, Pradeep brings to a business the elements of creativity and idea innovation necessary to identify and develop new growth ideas. I had the opportunity to work with Pradeep while he was a Market Segment Manager at GE. A great strategic thinker with superior intellect, I highly recommend him for senior marketing management positions.

Bill Merkel

Vice President Automation Business, Nidec

When I left Keithley last year Pradeep was still remembered as an effective manager and strong business advocate - nine years after he left the company. Pradeep's commitment to the business in Asia is the best example of his legacy. As I travelled extensively in Asia I constantly found it a motivating challenge to "fill his shoes" as his efforts are still considered the benchmark for factory support by Keithley's Asia offices. Pradeep has an even better developed his business acumen in years since Keithley. He brings a broad range of experience across disciplines and markets and a commitment to getting results to any challenge he takes on.


Ken Fruscella

CFO, Horsburgh & Scott

I worked with Pradeep as his CFO for about one year at H&S. His leadership and strategic skills are second to none. He has a great ability to see past the issue and turn a negative into a positive. I learned many valuable lessons from the time we worked together. True leaders are difficult to find these days, but Pradeep is one of them. He stays positive in all situations. I would work with him again, without hesitation. He is a true asset to any organization that he works for.

Tak Chui

Sales Manager at Ametek Floorcare & Specialty Motors

Pradeep is a driving and meticulous manager with board knowledge and experiences in produce development and sales

Stan Stachelski

Motor Engineer at Ametek

Pradeep is a hard driving leader who demonstrates the drive to ensure quality products on time and at maximum value.

Pradeep does everything in his power to ensure the team is ready to support any customers’ needs.

I would trust Pradeep to ensure that all components will exceed customer expectations for performance and value.

Steve Griffiths

North American Technical Sales Manager/Product Manager at AMETEK Precision Motion Control

Specifically (and recently) Pradeep has managed people well through a difficult transitional period, one in which management philosophy and motivational techniques needed to be completely overhauled. He did this by working "up" (convincing Division Staff of needed changes) and then working "down" (supporting the employees that report to him directly during the transition). Feedback of his specific efforts during this trying time have been entirely positive. It is very important to note that although Pradeep comes with the education-based resume requirements needed for a growth oriented executive, he is not your "empty suit" MBA-type guy, entering a new organization with a lot of high-end "textbook" ideas on how the business needs to be changed, etc. (a mistake so many new executive hires seem to make to their eventual detriment). In fact, Pradeep makes every effort to engage at the core level of the business in an effort to UNDERSTAND the business ENTIRELY. Then, with the thorough understanding of the business at his disposal, he begins to apply the completed skill set to support the divisions growth objections. Just one example of this was observed by the countless times Pradeep had approached me personally, and travelled with me to meet (face-to-face) the key engineering, procurement, and program management team members in the customer base of which I held responsibility for sales growth. The knowledge gained (by both of us) during these critical customer gatherings have led to a thorough understanding of market needs, and has allowed for positive changes within the AMETEK Sales/Marketing Organization (especially where growth strategy is concerned).

Nathan Johnson

Application Engineer at GE Energy

Pradeep was a tireless worker. He was always looking forward and willing to push the limits to move the product line forward. He was always looking to expand the product line market and fostered innovation in acquiring or developing new technologies for our key industtries that we supported.


Mark Drobney

Sales Manager, Quatech

Pradeep brought innovation and keen business acumen to our company that took the business to the next level. He worked well with all staff members and offered a unique bridge between engineering staff and marketing that helped to improve product development and ultimately impact product release dates and product enhancements.

Keith Poindexter

Commercial Security Sales at CEIA-USA

I've had the opportunity to work with Pradeep extensively at Quatech. Pradeep skills for customer development and management consistently are very strong and results in long term, highly valued customer relationships. His ability to span a broad range of technologies to provide solid solutions is very effective